Adriana Martínez Barrón

Adriana Martínez Barrón is currently works as Manager in Content Acquisition at Netflix focusing on content for Spain and Latin America. She has been behind the creative executive for featuring films like "A Quién Te Llevarías a una Isla Desierta", "Como Caído del Cielo”, "Luis Miguel" season 2 and more. Prior working at Netflix, Barrón was Creative Executive at 3Pas Studios, the production company co-founded by Mexican superstar Eugenio Derbez and former Pantelion Head of Production Benjamin Odell. Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Adriana studied Communication Science at Tecnologico de Monterrey and worked as a Production Coordinator in TV, commercials, and music videos. After attending the renowned Peter Stark Producing Program at USC, she began her career in Hollywood as a TV Development Assistant at Latin World Entertainment before stepping into the fast paced world of Entertainment PR.

As a Creative Executive at 3Pas Studios, Adriana was responsible in overseeing Spanish language content for the company. She goes to film festivals and tracks everything that is going on in Mexico with the goal to find talent in the place that nobody is looking for.

Speaking of the hardships in her career, Adriana mentions that her career has been full of many. She never had a straight pathway in her career, and she did many jobs in between, such as initially working in theater and music videos, to explore and reach the goals. “I am from Mexico which means that I am here on a work visa, and that is an extra application here on everything I do. But in addition to that, as a female, it’s knowing how to fight your battles with certain bosses whether they bring you or not to the projects. Sometimes it’s like how do you find that motivation from within to keep you going when everything gets hard around you.”

Adriana has been a member of NALIP since 2013, and she states that attending NALIP events has always been helpful to her. “The conferences are really interesting. I always get this feeling when I go to the Summit of like feeling recharged and empowered and excited. When you are like this everyday, you forget why you are doing things sometimes. But when you go and you see other people who are doing the same thing you are doing, but like are succeeding, you get excited.” The biggest misconception about Latinx in the industry, Adriana believes, is that there are limited positions available for Latinx to become successful, because they believe there is only one role, one Latina executive and one Latino director in the industry. However, Adriana does not like the current situations and she would like to take initiative to change this condition. “I want to make sure that I do my part in supporting other young Latinos and helping that community grow, because if we don’t help each other, support each other and boost each other, we are not going to succeed.”

“We are storytellers so we are supposed to be telling the stories of the world, and the world is much more diverse than the makeup of the entertainment industry.”