Our six editions have come to life with the help of a fantastic team and a wide network of support. We thank all of those who championed our commitment to bring this free reference to the Latino Media field so that more of you can find work, jobs, collaborators and funding. The Fifth Edition of the Latino Media Resource Guideâ„¢ is perhaps the most important. It includes an elegant online interface where you can search for crew or credits, contact information or local programs thanks to the design of Public Media. Our dynamic Latino professional population will continue to connect to the wider media business and to one another thanks to our great staff, Boards and funders.

The NALIP Board of Directors is dedicated to our mission, which is to increase the quality and quantity of images by and about Latino/as. Moctesuma Esparza, Margarita de la Vega Hurtado, Evy Ledesma Galán, Alexis Garcia, Evangeline Griego, Jose Martinez, Jr., Neyda Martinez, Bienvenida Matias, Frances Negrón-Muntaner, David Ortiz, Rick Ramirez and Elaine Romero held the vision for this LMRG.

The NALIP Board of Trustees commits itself to our financial stability and, in many instances, contributes directly to the research and production of LMRG: Rudy Beserra, Kelly Edwards, Monica Gil, Efrain Garza Fuentes, Josie J. Thomas, David Valdés, Jeff Valdez and Victoria Westover served this year.

The LMRG is great because of the leadership of our project manager Olga Arana, and the dedicated research done by Gloria Ruiz, Cynthia Vargas, Carlos Gonzalez, Eliana Deza, David Wolf Perez, Marise Samitier, Mirasol Riojas, Jose Pulido and Carolina Vila, supported by the database technology of Debbie Cohen-Sitz and Database Factory. LMRG online must be experienced to be believed, thanks to Susan Sullivan, Mick McCarthy, Adam Duro and the Public Media team. The book is laid out by our expert production manager Carla Green. Our cover designer Jesus Garcia gives it its glow, while our five-year partnership with Jeff Black and his colleagues at the Hollywood Creative Directory ensures that, together, we produce a truly excellent resource for the entertainment industry.

NALIP is able to serve Latino/a filmmakers because of our funders and supporters. They believe in our work, and they invest in us to do it. HBO. Time Warner. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Univision. Saban Family Fund. AT&T. CBS. WGA. SAG-Producers IACF. The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department. LA County Arts Commission. California Arts Council. The Walt Disney Studios/ABC. Nielsen Media Research. Egeda. Fox Broadcasting. The NEA. NBC/Universal. Picturehouse. The McDonald’s Corporation. MTV Networks. The Coca Cola Company. POV/American Documentary. Southwest Airlines. Hanson Film Institute. Cox Communications. Comcast. Comerica Bank. NCLR. Latino Public Broadcasting. Lifetime. SciFi Channel. SiTV. Nosotros. The Academy Foundation and Hollywood Foreign Press Association Foundation. Telemundo/Mun2. The University of Arizona. UCLA. Packair. Jaman. Puerto Rico Film Commission. The Tucson Film Office. New Mexico Film Commission. Misty Production Services. Access Tucson. Gorilla Software. Filmlook. Monrovia Mailing. Also, our Membership. We appreciate everyone’s dedication to five years of excellence. We know that it makes a difference in the professional and creative dreams of so many.

Kathryn F. Galán
Executive Director
Octavio Marin
Signature Programs Director