‘Vida’ EP Tanya Saracho On Depicting “The Brown Queer Perspective” At Starz

                                            Image courtesy by Starz 

The new show "Vida" focuses on two Mexican-American sisters who return to their hometown to find out the unexpected truth about their mother's identity. Show runner Tanya Saracho depicts underrepresented social identities through the eyes of the Latinx family and community in the series. 

“Most of our department heads are female, all our directors are either women of color or Latinx. The way that this was built, it was the right way. When you get a bunch of Latinxs together we get to handle our stories. A cultural shorthand happens.” said Saracho. 

Actor Ser Anzoategui commented about feeling included in the show. 

“I felt really embraced and included from the beginning,” Anzoategui said. “If I had any sort of comment about anything queer, it was all ears and so respectful. I’ve never felt so respected before.”


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