‘The Nun’s Stairway To Heaven: ‘Conjuring’ Universe Pic Soaring Past $200M Worldwide

Posted by on September 15, 2018

Photo Courtesy of New Line

The Nun‘s spirit continues to move all over this land, and by the end of Sunday, will count a global box office running tally of $209.2M, which, when split up, will be $124M+ overseas and $85.2M domestic.

Soon enough, the New Line horror release will fly past Annabelle‘s worldwide take of $275M. Among all Conjuring movies, Conjuring 2 is the highest-grossing title globally at $320.3M, followed by The Conjuring at $319.4M, and then Annabelle: Creation with $306.5M. The Nun‘s global haul by tomorrow will have bested all the global comes of The Purge and Paranormal Activity movies.

In its second weekend stateside, the Demian Bichir-Taissa Farmiga movie continues to draw a huge under-25 crowd at 61%, a hard demographic to dynamite out of the house and into the theater when you’re not a superhero film. The domestic second weekend is shaping up to be $18.4M, -66% at 3,876 theaters.

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