'Spider-Man' Actor Tony Revolori Talks Auditioning as a Latinx Actor: "I Had to Convince Myself Why I Deserved the Role" - Nalip News

Posted by on July 30, 2019

Image Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers’ 20th annual Media Summit keynote luncheon kicked off Friday with board of directors co-chair Axel Caballero, HBO’s director of corporate social responsibility, declaring that “there is enough Hollywood money to go around. Trust me.” 


Caballero sat down with Television Academy Foundation's Karla Pita Loor to co-moderate the HBO Collabs + Fresh Voices panel, which featured three Latinx filmmakers who have received funding from NALIP: Henry Alberto, Marianne Amelinckx and Spider-Man: Far From Home actor Tony Revolori, who screened a teaser of his upcoming directorial debut, the short film Apartment.

Addressing an audience at the Ray Dolby Ballroom in Hollywood, the group discussed the importance of collaboration, with Alberto explaining that “Latinx communities come from a mentality there isn’t a place for us here.” Revolori agreed, drawing on his 21 years of experience as an actor in which he was often told he was “too Hispanic” to be cast in films and TV shows: “I remember going into my Spider-Man audition for Peter Parker, trying to convince myself why I deserved the role more than someone that was white.”