"One Day At A Time" Star Isabella Gomez Speaks About Her Experience With Colorism at NALIP's Diverse Women in Media Forum

Posted by on December 12, 2019

One Day At a Time is coming back for its fourth season in 2020 and fans are stoked! It would be an understatement to say how rare shows like ODAAT really are and how important it is for Latinx to be portrayed as full multifaceted people. One thing in particular that has made the sitcom so beloved is the progressive way it deals with everything from mental illness and gentrification to homophobia and racism.

These are things that might not seem too out of the box considering the times but ODAAT is touching on subjects that are still very much taboo in the Latinx community at large. A lot of that taboo has to do with cultural mores that are really just prejudice disguised as tradition. A lot of it has to do with hundreds of years of colonization and white supremacy. But in 2019 there have been so many internal conversations about identity brewing within the Latinx community that it can be dizzying to determine just how things are developing.

The complexities of race, ethnicity, and nationality within the Latinx community are — to put it simply — fundamentally misunderstood by pretty much everyone, especially when it comes to representation in Hollywood. Colombian born actress Isabelle Gomez, who plays Elena Alvarez on ODAAT says, she didn’t think her success on the show would also limit the roles she was seen fit to play.

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