‘New Gods’: Ava DuVernay to Direct Superhero Epic for DC

Posted by on March 22, 2018

Photo Courtesy of Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock

Just because Ava DuVernay didn’t direct “Black Panther” doesn’t mean she won’t be a helming a superhero movie. It just won’t be for Marvel: DuVernay is set to direct “New Gods” for Warner Bros. as part of the ever-expanding DC Extended Universe. That franchise has seen mixed results so far, but it’s fared best with women at the helm: “Wonder Woman,” directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot in the title role, is its most successful effort.

“New Gods” will be based on the comic-book series of the same name, the brainchild of creator/designer Jack Kirby. It first appeared in 1971 and focuses on the denizens of two planets: New Genesis and Apokolips. Highfather rules the former in relative harmony, whereas Darkseid lords over its dystopian neighbor.

DuVernay’s most recent film is, of course, “A Wrinkle in Time,” which opened last week. She previously directed “Selma” and “13TH.” Her work in DC is preceded by last year’s “Justice League” and the upcoming “Aquaman.”

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