Eva Longoria & Jerrod Carmichael On The Pursuit Of Inclusion In TV – NATPE


Earlier this week, Eva Longoria, 2015 NALIP Media Summit Keynote speaker, and Jerrod Carmichael appeared on a NATPE 2017 panel in Miami to discuss the origin of their work as producers, along with the opportunities and challenges producers find in the ever-evolving television marketplace. Both panelists had interesting things to say about the quest for inclusion in television.

During the panel, Carmichael said one of the greatest gifts of producing is the opportunity to help shape a show and its perspective to a greater degree. As someone who has added perspective as both an actor and a producer, he believes it is the hardest thing, but it is everything. Instead of outward attributes, Carmichael shared he is more interested in inclusivity of perspective. “I don’t care about age, I don’t care about diversity, I care about your mind over everything,” he said.

In regards to assembling talent for their shows, Longoria and Carmichael agreed on the necessity of a diverse group above and below the line, to represent a breadth of backgrounds and perspectives. Longoria expressed optimism that an increased demand for content is creating opportunity for individuals where there previously was none. “For my company, there’s an organic DNA of inclusion,” Longoria said. “A lot of times, people come to my company because they know there’s an authenticity of storytelling from a different point of view.”

NALIP is happy to see actors, producers, directors and many other influential people in television speaking out about the importance of inclusion. In a changing marketplace, it is necessary to show a commitment to speaking honestly and producing the best work possible with the greatest, and most diverse perspectives.

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