‘Coco’ Oscar Winner Robert Lopez Is Now the Only Double EGOT Winner in History


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The award-winning songwriter just set the bar for industry accolades.

Robert Lopez won the Best Original Song Oscar with his wife and collaborator Kristen Anderson-Lopez for co-writing “Remember Me” from Pixar’s “Coco,” and the victory marked a major milestone for the entertainment industry. Lopez is now the only person in history to be a double EGOT winner, which means he has won at least two Tonys, Oscars, Grammys, and Emmys.

Before Lopez took him the Academy Award for “Coco,” he won his first Oscar for co-writing the song “Let It Go” from “Frozen.” The songwriter has won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Music Direction and Composition for his work on “Wonder Pets” and three Tony Awards: Best Original Score for “Avenue Q,” plus Best Book and Best Original Score for “Book of Mormon.” He’s also earned three Grammy Awards for Best Musical Theater Album (“Book of Mormon”), Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media (“Frozen”) and Best Song Written for Visual Media (“Let It Go”).

Winning the EGOT twice is all the more impressive when you consider the fact only 12 artists ever earned the title of single EGOT winner, including Whoopi Goldberg, Mike Nichols, Audrey Hepburn, and Scott Rudin. Following his work on “Coco,” Lopez is returning to the “Frozen” franchise with both the new Broadway musical, which opens this month and the upcoming film sequel.


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