Laurie Coyle

Laurie Coyle has directed, wrote and produced the PBS AMERICAN MASTERS special Orozco: Man Of Fire with Rick Tejada-Flores. Her writing credits include the PBS specials Speaking In Tongues; Mr. Cao Goes To Washington; The Slanted Screen; Children Of The Amazon; Ancestors In The Americas; And The Journey Of The Bonesetter's Daughter-The Making Of An Opera. Laurie was Associate Producer and Chief Archival Researcher for the PBS specials The Fight in the Fields, Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers' Struggle and The Good War and Those Who Refused to Fight It, among others. She co-produced Lourdes Portillo's Columbus on Trial and associate produced La Ofrenda-The Days of the Dead. She graduated from UC. Before becoming a filmmaker, she co-authored a book about women workers on the U.S.-Mexico border, anthologized in the Prentiss-Hall series Women and Power in American History. Laurie is currently a BAVC Media Fellow. Laurie's first connection to migrant workers was through her father, a physician who volunteered at the Delano farm workers' clinic in the 1960s. She is the proud mother of Chloe González Coyle.
Project : Adios Amor