Mary Angelica Molina


Filmmaker Mary Angelica Molina has honed her storytelling skills in the edit room. She recently completed editing the feature documentary ARIZONA about the state’s controversial “Papers, please” law. She has made two fiction short films: OH BABY, I LOVE YOU!, which won the prestigious Cameraimage cinematography award (2009); and LA ROSA Y EL GATO (2006), which premiered at Palm Springs International Film Festival. In early 2013, she participated in the Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab Intensive with her script DOLORES, which will mark her feature directorial debut. As an immigrant child, Ms. Molina was the translator of her large Columbian family and so started “telling stories” at a very young age. She is adept at straddling multiple cultures simultaneously, as well as both rejecting and accepting various identities. She sees film as an opportunity to create unique worlds where things that don’t mix, do and where people who don’t dance, salsa. She holds a masters degree in screenwriting from the University of Southern California.


Project : Carbon Trade-Off