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Project Synopsis:

Lena is seven months pregnant and broke. She is in a complicated relationship with Hector and moves with him to New York, leaving her son behind in Brazil.  Fran, Lena’s friend, takes in Hector and Lena when they arrive. Unbeknownst to Lena, Fran sells and abuses cocaine. This discovery disturbs her volatile relationship with Hugo.  In an attempt to salvage the good in her life, Lena decides to return to Brazil to be with her son.  But once there, she loses custody of him, and her family and friends turn their backs on her. Lena is forced to return to New York and to a relationship with Hugo that is beyond repair.  When Hugo’s best friend overdoses and Fran's self-destruction worsens, Lena is left stranded and alone, and must give birth, by herself.  But this baby will force her to take control of her own life once and for all.