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Project Synopsis:

When Sicilia turns eighteen and moves out of her oppressive home to go to college, she begins dressing like a putana and dating as many boys as she can.  She soon falls for the enigmatic Esteban, but as Este’s protective jealousy creeps into their relationship, Sicilia refuses to give up her boys on the side. Esteban counters by entertaining an impressive second string of his own. Their relationship becomes a twisted and comic dance as Esteban finally takes matters into his own hands:  he and his friends begin killing Sicilia’s exes. Sicilia soon realizes that Esteban is responsible for the killings, but sees them as a show of his love, and falls even more deeply in love with him. As they head for the altar, the dysfunctional duo is swept into a wild series of killings.

  • Project : Sicilia
  • Founds Raised To Date:   None
  • Funds Needed:   $2.5 Million
  • Seeking:   DP, Production Designer and Cast
  • External link : Click here
  • Key Team : Nina Juliano