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Project Synopsis:

It is a brutally hot summer in Miami. Josh’s Jewish mother has just started a romance with Mike, a charming black man who also happens to be a violent drunk and crack addict. He torments the family but also introduces 12-year-old Josh to his first love: baseball. He practices with the boy day and night to mold him into the next Alex Rodriguez. The training isn’t just reserved for the field. As Mike says, ‘you have to look the part before you can be the part.’ He takes Josh to Star Island to admire the mansions and for test drives in Ferraris to show him all that awaits him if he follows the ‘gameplan.’ But Mike is not the only one with plans for Josh. His long lost grandfather Solomon, one of New York’s most successful businessmen, has re-entered the picture and has agreed to give Josh’s struggling waitress mom money on one condition: Josh has a Bar Mitzvah. Helping him along the way is Rabbi Brookstein, a hip New York Jew and baseball fanatic, who becomes his moral compass. Callused Hands tells the story of one boy’s journey into manhood over the most important summer of his life as he tries to navigate between winning a Little League championship and having a Bar Mitzvah, while avoiding the wrath of his abusive step-father.

  • Project : Callused Hands
  • Founds Raised To Date:   $150, 000
  • Funds Needed:   DP and Production Designer
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  • Key Team : Jesse Quinones