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Project Synopsis:

Animas is a supernatural thriller taking place at the Portales hacienda, in the town of Animas, Mexico. One day, Luisa, a skeptic at heart, receives a message from her childhood friend, Silvia, asking her to come to Mexico to help her complete a novel. Silvia has an unknown illness that is slowly killing her and it is her final death wish to finish her book. Silvia tells Luisa that she has been urged on by the ghost of her great grandmother, Doña Ana, to reveal the tainted past of the village, and the tragedy involving a century-old genocide caused by Don Guillermo, a powerful man in his time who made a fortune from silver mining. Doña Ana was forced to marry Don Guillermo and later discovered that he was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people, including her fiancé. Overcome with anger, she kills Don Guillermo and his final words are a curse to her and her successors promising never to leave her alone even after death. To help her friend finish the novel, Luisa must regain the faith she once had, and abandon her skeptical views in order to put an end to the dark force of Don Guillermo’s curse.

  • Project : Animas
  • Founds Raised To Date:   None
  • Funds Needed:   $500,000
  • Key Team : Jessica Montalvo