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Project Synopsis:

When Isabel Rodriguez, an overwhelmed Latina matriarch too busy to analyze her unhappiness, discovers her husband’s latest affair, she moves out of her house and has an affair of her own with an old college flame. This gives her husband Antonio a bitter taste of his own medicine. In a desperate attempt to win her back, Antonio fakes a suicide, and manages to scare himself enough to have a very real heart attack. Isabel’s family then demands that she leave her lover and come back to take care of her husband, which she does, only to learn about Antonio’s latest deception. Isabel is miserable, and ultimately must decide whether she will cave in to the arguments of her children and spouse, or strike out again with her newfound freedom.

  • Project : Act Your Age
  • Founds Raised To Date:   N/A
  • Funds Needed:   $360,000
  • Seeking:   Editor, Producer, DP and Cast
  • Key Team : Lizbett Perez