Documentary Track


Project Synopsis:

Why and how do second-generation Dominican-Americans identify as Dominicans while living in the United States? What makes them Dominican and, more importantly, what does not? Returning to the Dominican Republic, a feature length documentary, will explore the concept of “identity” in Dominican culture. Returning will capture the re-integration of two young Dominican-Americans who have chosen to return to the Dominican Republic: Jamil Abreu, a Yale graduate and current employee of the Major League Baseball Association; and Nolvia Delgado, a female activist working for a non-profit in the Dominican Republic. It will also follow the story of Arisleyda Dilone and her family’s challenges with deportation and assimilation.

  • Project : A Time to Return
  • Founds Raised To Date :
  • Funds Needed : $150,000
  • Seeking : DP, Editor, Producer, Gaffer and Key Grip
  • Key Team : Arisleyda Dilone