Documentary Track


Project Synopsis:

Cumbia, the popular Latin American music genre has recently felt a resurgence around the world and New York City, in particular. The melting pot is cooking a new stew of cumbia and the flavor is not just being enjoyed by Latinos, but by non-Latinos as well. The underground success of cumbia in the last few years has been fueled by DJs and the internet, and has resulted in a new Pan-Latino rhythm. Cumbia York follows several key musicians in New York City who have been instrumental in reviving the genre. It culminates in a grand finale that brings them all together at the Encuentro de Musicos Colombianos, an annual gathering of Colombian musicians in New York. What started as a movement in Buenos Aires and Mexico has now spread around the world, and morphed into various forms and colors of cumbia rhythms including global bass, tropical bass, nu-cumbia, and digital cumbia. But the names keep changing depending on who you ask.