Documentary Track


Project Synopsis:

In November 2005, one of Los Angeles’ most prominent historic landmarks was demolished. It had served the city for 68 years. This feature length documentary will explore the Ambassador Hotel, its contributions to local and national history, and the impact of the building’s fate on the Los Angeles community. The Ambassador Hotel is a modern tale of Babylon: its former glory is passed down through stories from within our collective memory. For decades the Ambassador Hotel was a cultural hub that brought together the community; most recently, it was at the center of a conflict that tore this community apart. In an attempt to create a historic and public record, After 68 will use first-hand accounts to chronicle the forgotten memories of the Ambassador Hotel. These memories reveal a paradox between education and preservation that created a dramatic, uncompromising, and lengthy debate surrounding the demolition of the site. Ultimately, this film will demonstrate how the Ambassador Hotel’s history embodies two opposing sides of a cross-cultural divide, as Los Angeles struggles to define its multi-faceted urban center.

  • Project : After 68
  • Funds Needed : $550,000
  • Seeking : Editor, Producer
  • External link : Click here
  • Key Team : Camilo Silva