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  • Edward Gonzalez, Jr. (Junior)

    The filmmaker was born and raised in California, from immigrant parents from El Salvador. He attended Loyola Marymount University’s Graduate Television and Film Program in Los Angeles. His experience range from working as a Hollywood assistant for Fox, Warner Brothers, to being a freelance news videographer where he's won video journalist awards. His recent groundbreaking award-winning documentary, “Words of Revolution,” was a major hit in many U.S. and international film festivals. Currently, he resides in Queens, New York making independent projects.





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    THESE DAYS is a Salvadoran coming-of-age story that takes place in a Central American community in Brentwood, New York. Jay, a talented 15-year-old artist is trying to understand the journey of his life he is destined to take. He lives with a strict single mother, Alma, who is expecting another child. She expresses nothing but tough love to Jay. Without a father being present, the struggle to maintain a good and stable living becomes harder each present day.

    *This is a script that I wrote for the screen. I also created a concept trailer to be able to show what my film is about and to be able to find help to finish my film.

    These Days Concept Trailer: