3 Reasons Why You Should Apply to the Latino Media Market

Posted by on February 08, 2018

NALIP has helped progress the careers of countless directors, writers, and producers of the largest ethnic minority of the United States, advocating for their works to be featured more in mainstream media. However, you may still be unsure of how this may be possible for you. Perhaps you are looking for more than just attending our workshops and panels. Take the plunge and apply to this year’s Latino Media Market! While you may be afraid of taking the next step, the reward and experience will be worthwhile!


1. Meet Industry Representatives Who Can Pave the Way for Your Work to be Commissioned, Licensed, or be Funded.
Attending the Latino Media Market gives you the opportunity to directly pitch your idea to top level executives of major production companies such as Starz, NBC, and CBS. The LMM was specifically conceived to invite funders, distributors, agents, and deal-makers to meet underrepresented content creators who have limited resources. Through these meetings filmmakers are able to meet one-on-one with representatives and discover how to advance their projects towards completion and success. NALIP’s Latino Media Market has served as a great stepping stone for countless previous participating filmmakers. This year’s Latino Media Market will accept qualified projects that fall within the following categories: Low Budget Features in Development or Pre-Production, Documentary Works-in-Progress, Scripted TV/Streaming concept/pilot, and Digital Web Series.

2. Have Your Work’s Message Impact a Greater Audience.

The Latino Media Market spans over two days during the NALIP Media Summit, where hundreds of content creators and industry power figures join together to share ideas and advance the works of up and coming content creators. Latinos account for the one of the largest percentage of media consumers yet are alarmingly underrepresented in television and movies. According to a 2016 study released by the Media, Diversity, and Social Change Initiative at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, Latinos are one of the least represented in speaking roles in television and film despite the fact they make up approximately 17.4% of the population of the United States. This is highly due to the lack of Latinos participating in roles behind the scenes such as show running, writing, and directing. Latinas also face disparities in representation, where fewer than 38% of the actresses observed in the study were Latina. And when they are in a role, they are often the most sexualized sector. Also, Latinos seem to play more leading roles where the audience is more narrow, through platforms such as Netflix and Hulu.

3. We Accept Projects from Latino/a Applicants From Any Country All Over the World!

Managing to host 350 thirty-minute meetings into two days, The Latina Media Market chooses 28 participants and offers valuable one on one time to give well planned out pitches and execute their ideas adequately. The 28 chosen projects from the 2017 Latino Media Market came from nine different countries! Imagine the opportunity to plan a trip to Hollywood with dozens of meetings with executives already established. 

See what past LMM Participants have said:

Elaine Del Valle, Producer

“It’s really fantastic to be here at the Media Market, to be pitching, because it’s actually more than I had even expected. We’ve gotten great reception, we have a great project, just to get to know people.”


William D. Caballero, Writer/Director

“I think they do a great job, not only putting the people together, but they also do a great job at sort of teaching you how to pitch. Everytime you get better and better. It’s all about being as creative as possible.”


Laura Dolz, Producer

“Overall it’s been a great experience to be here, it’s been a pleasure for us and an honor, and we’ve found what we were looking for, we are really grateful.”

Aside from potentially advancing your projects, you gain the opportunity to have mentors from multiple backgrounds guide you on your career choices and direction. Aside from executive producers and show runners, the NALIP Latino Media Market brings in agents and managers to represent you or invite you to be part of their management. Potential investors as well may be interested in funding your project and bringing in the resources needed to complete it. 

For more information visit nalip.org/latino_media_market