SXSW Latinx Projects To Look Out For!

Posted by on March 19, 2021

2021 SXSW

#SXSW began March 16th and runs until March 20th! Here are some of the Latinx projects and filmmakers to look out for:


1.) Narrative Spotlight: Language Lessons 

by director Natalie Morales

About: a Spanish teacher and her student who develop an unexpected friendship.


2.) Documentary Spotlight: Fruits of Labor

 by director Emily Cohen Ibañez

About: a Mexican-American teenage farmworker who dreams of graduating high school, when ICE raids in her community threaten to separate her family and force her to become her family’s breadwinner.


3.) Global Narrative Feature: Bantú Mama

by director: Iván Herrera

About: Having its World premiere in the Global section of the festival, the film follows an Afropean woman who escapes after being arrested in the Dominican Republic. She is sheltered by a group of minors, in a dangerous district of Santo Domingo. By becoming their protégée and maternal figure, she will see her destiny change inexorably.

4.) Debut Feature: Executive Order

by director: Lázaro Ramos

About: Starring Ramos himself, the film is set in a dystopian near future in Brazil, where an authoritarian government orders all citizens of African descent to move to Africa—creating chaos, protests, and an underground resistance movement that inspires the nation.

5.) Documentary Short: Águilas

by director: Kristy Guevara-Flanagan and Maite Zubiaurre

About: Along the scorching desert border in Arizona, it is estimated that only one out of every five missing migrants are ever found. Águilas is the story of one group of searchers, the Águilas del Desierto.

6.) Animated Short: Nuevo Rico

by director: Kristian Mercado

About: a brother and sister stumbling upon a celestial secret that changes their lives forever and propels them into Reggaetón stardom, but they soon discover that their newfound fame comes at a deep price.

7.) Midnight Short: Flick

by director: Ariel Zengotita

About: a reclusive college student who is driven mad after picking a booger he can’t flick away

8.)  Narrative Feature: Women is Losers

by director: Lissette Feliciano

About: In 1960s San Francisco, a once-promising catholic school girl, Celina Guerrera, sets out to rise above the oppression of poverty and invest in a future for herself that sets new precedents for the time.