Meet the 2019 Latino Media Market Fellows

NALIP is excited to announce this year's Latino Media Market Fellows! These creators will be given the incredible opportunity to pitch their projects directly to executives at the 2019 NALIP Media Summit. Learn more about the fellows below:




Mujer Santuario - Alan Dominguez















The In Between - Robie Flores & Alejandro Flores


A Place of Absence - Marialuisa Ernst


Kidnapping Express - Elvis Leon & Patrick Hackett















Unaccompanied - Gerardo del Valle & Claire Molloy


La Bonga - Sebastian Pinzon Silva & Gabriella Garcia-Pardo


Exodus Stories: Voices from the Caravan - Ilse Fernandez


The Inventory - Jamie Gonçalves & Ilana Coleman


Untitled Immigration Law Doc - Priscilla Gonzalez


On the Divide - Maya Cueva & Leah Galant


Awakening - Juan Mejia & Marco Williams 




Inconvenience - Roxana Altamirano & Suilma Rodriguez


Hangry XVñera - Emma Ramos


The Black Box - Daniela Bailes


Bendecidas y Afortunadas - Julieta Messmer & Marianne Amelinckx




PLUS - Andrew Rodriguez


Snow in Orange County - Adam Blaker & Robin J. Hayes


The Gaminos - Cesar Gamino & Susie Lohse


Frontera: Una Balada Rete Chula - Jorge Ramos & Sullivan Rauzi

Systema - Wesley Rodriguez & Zakaria Schwartz


Tenebris - Juan Diego Villegas & Mauricio Leiva Cock


Expats - Vinicio Espinosa & Jerome Peck




A Few Days in The Sun - Mauro Mueller & Leslie Holleran


Reforma - Jessica Siqueiros


Tenebris Vulnus - Anais Blondet Medina & Maria Santos


Solidarity - Dustin Brown & Elpidia Carrillo 


Pepperoni - Tomas Alzamora & Pablo Calisto


Bolichicos - Juan Avella & Diego Nájera


The Other Island - Joe Torres & Marcel Rasquin


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