2016 Latino Media Market Fellows


NALIP Announces the Official Selection for the 12th Annual Latino Media Market

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers proudly announces the selected group of content creators to participate in the 2016 Latino Media Market (LMM).  Meetings will take place during the NALIP Media Summit at the Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood and Highland, Hollywood CA  on June 24th and June 25th.

Out of a competitive pool of applicants, several producers and directors were selected to take meetings with executives and funders in the following categories: Low Budget Features in Development, Documentaries in Progress, Digital Web Series, and Scripted TV Concepts.

NALIP’s Latino Media Market is presented by HBO, ITVS and the California Arts Council Statewide Networks Programs. The Latino Media Market™ is an executive meeting series for selected projects to have scheduled pitches, presentations and meetings with industry executives, funders, distributors, commissioning editors, representatives, and potential partners.   

NALIP received a record number of incredible, powerful submissions, we wish we could include all of them but we could only select a limited number.  Axel Caballero, NALIP’s Executive Director said, "We are thrilled to announce the 2016 Latino Media Market projects and fellows. They are perfect examples of the rich, diverse and innovative vision and talent of our Latino content creators. We know they will find success at the NALIP Media Summit 2016."

NALIP would like to congratulate the following filmmakers:

Esteban Arango - Blast Beat

Frank Armendarez - Penumbral

Laura Avila Tacsan and Erika Bagnarello - Hermanas

Suzan Beraza - No Soy Puta

Efrain Casillas - Titeres

Vincent Cortez - Life Beyond    

Nickolas Duarte - Ella

Fernando Frias - I´m No Longer Here

Mimi Fuenzalida - Cuba in Transition

Catherine Gund - Amor Puro Y Duro

Chelsea Hernandez - Building the American Dream

Carlos Ibarra - Run Carlos Run

Florencia Krochik - Pathways

Stephanie Lucas and Josh Kasselman - Unfinished Work

Freddie MarreroNuyorican Basquet

Nick Oceano - Finding Albie Finch

Pablo Proenza - Friend Of a Friend

Steve Race - The Story of My Family

Rene Rhi - The Name Partner

Gabriel Ridaura - El Lado Oscuro Del Amor

Norma Sepulveda - Quintana

Rita Toledo - The Life Ahead

Oskar Toruno - Community Theater

Evette Vargas - SNAP / Dark Prophet

Yossy Zagha - The Containment

NALIP’s 2016 Latino Media Market™ (LMM) is designed to bring funders, studio executives, distributors, dealmakers, agents, mentors and employers together with NALIP members and their projects. Now in its twelfth year, the LMM consists of a meeting series for selected projects. Filmmakers meet one-on-one with industry representatives who provide sound advice on how to advance their project to the next level. Additional information and updates about the 2016 LMM is  available at the Latino Media Market webpage.

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers is a national membership organization, committed to helping Latino and Latina content creators with their professional goals. We seek to increase the quality and quantity of stories by and about Latinos, through professional development, community building, and mentoring.

For more information about NALIP or to attend this year’s NALIP Media Summit on June 23rd-26th, 2016  in Hollywood, CA please visit this link.