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    Get an 'Executive' Membership!


    • Display in our Executive members site and literature
    • Credits on printed and digital materials
    • NALIP insider information and access opportunities including program development sessions
    • Behind the Scenes access to programs and NALIP Media Summit events
    • NEW: One Exclusive 2 minute Digital Video Reel/Profile for Executive members!
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    NALIP Media Summit

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    NALIP Media Maker Nation

    • Exclusive Newsletter & Email Updates
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    NALIP Events, Programs & Education

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    • Latino Lens Incubators: Digital, Doc, Film and TV and new programs coming 2016!)
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    • Discounts to NALIP and partner events 
    • Priority access to film and media workshops, panels and educational opportunities

     *Please note there is a service fee for all refunds.


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    Donate to NALIP Today and Move Latinos Forward!

    NALIP has been a key factor in making a push for Latino(a) content creators for the past 18 years. Our mission has always been to progress, promote and propagate the work of Latino(a)s, and with your support we can continue to do so. NALIP is a non-profit organization 501c(3) - the money goes directly to this work. Please look over the accomplishments and programmatic work we have achieved over the years. Consider supporting us with a donation of your choice.


    WATCH How Your Contribution Will Move Latino Creators Forward:




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    Doing Your Doc Signup & Interest

    Let us know if you are interested, where you are from and what kind of documentary project you have!

    Send now!