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    Janell Vela Smith

    Janell Vela Smith

    Janell's Production Company, Iron Dragon Productions was created in 2009.  

    We are an Austin, Texas based Production company working on a variety of exciting and innovative entertainment projects in the areas of film, television and new media.  Janell is also Executive Producer for IronDragon TV! the new Action channel on ROKU and in 4K on UltraFlix app
    She also serves as a Stunt Coordinator and Choreographer for Action projects - she holds 5 Black belts and still trains in Tukong Martial Arts.



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    Side story of Dallas (aka Zorro Girl) starring Patricia Vonne of Sin City (with permission by Frank Miller). Directed & written by Teresa Jolie, Producers: Patricia Vonne

    and Janell Vela Smith, Music by: Robert Rodriguez, Carl Thiel & George Oldziey, Sax by: Johnny Reno, Edited, Designed & Composited by: Eliot Gurrin, Director of Photography: Daniel Maldonado, Gaffer: Paul Michael Saldaña, Fight Scene Choreography: Janell Smith, Data Wrangler: Morgan Blaha, Sound Effects: Tre Nagella,Voice Over Recorded by: Darin Murphy, Dame in Distress: Bobbie Grace, Stuntmen: Rick Galione, Samuel Sprague, & Cabil Gibbs, Newspaper Design: Teresa Jolie, Special Thanks To: Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez, Spiderwood Studios & Maya Arnaout