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    I am shooting a show next week in NY. I hope I can see you guys

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    Before and after the Texas Revolution, several thousand runaway slaves escaped into MEXICO, land of the free. Many brave Mexicans and Tejanos risked their lives to help them.

    AGUA-LIBRE is a scene from the feature currently being develop that takes place in 1860; South Texas ten miles east of the Rio Grande River. Where a Tejano, FERNANDO, (Carlos Moreno Jr.), has fallen in love and has helped runaway slaves, CELESTE, (Angela Nesbitt) and her son RODY, (Nicholas Walker) by heading to Piedras Negras, Mexico, where the Black Seminole Indians, descendants of runaway slaves reside. The Seinoles were forced to move from Florida to the Indian Territory in Oklahoma by the U.S. government in the 1840s.

    In 1849, 180 Black Seminoles fled to Mexcico where slavery was abolished and accepted an offer from the Mexican governmnent to fight hostile tribes and protect the border in exchange for land near Nacimento, Coahuila and Piedras Negras.

    As Fernando and Celeste search the Rio Grande (Agua) to Freedom (Libre), Texas Rangers, ADAM, (Zac Titus) and HUNTER, (Rob Salerno) have capture Celeste along with Rody and apprehended Fernando. Length is 9:26.

    It would be an honor to share this forgotten story between American Slaves and Mexican/Tejanos with NALIP and hopefully finish the feature. Here is the youtube link. Contact me at 310-779-6638 if you have any problems viewing it. Thank you for your consideration of AGUA-LIBRE.