What are the benefits of being a NALIP Member?


NALIP provides services that support a member’s professional development including programs and information. NALIP also advocates on behalf of Latino/a media makers on telecommunications issues of importance to the independent producer, and teaches mediamakers how to advocate on their own behalves. NALIP maintains a membership office in Los Angeles, California to publish the eNewsletter and produce our projects. NALIP has meeting space there and in New York for member activities. NALIP Board and Staff members travel to member chapters and regions to support activities and festivals, workshops or other media convocations. NALIP Staff also cultivate member benefits and discounts available nationally and regionally, and update that list at http://www.nalip.org/ under Membership.

NALIP maintains a website at http://www.nalip.org/ that continues to expand as a resource of information on events, opportunities, jobs and, eventually, video resumes and seminar recordings. LMRG records may be updated at the website, including current credits and contact information for NALIP members. Chapters each have webpages at the national website for local announcements and activities. Chapters also have regional list-serves for the dissemination of information.

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