Columbia's Media and Idea Lab Releases 'Small City, Big Change' Directed by Frances Negron-Muntaner

Columbia University's Media and Idea Lab has co-released a new short video directed by NALIP board of advisors member Frances Negrón-Muntaner titled Small City, Big Change about the impact of Latino LGBTQ and Latino participation in LGBTQ campaigns. The video tells the story of how the Latino leadership of Chelsea, Massachusetts's smallest city, proved to be decisive the historical passing of the state's Transgender Equal Rights Bill in 2012.

Watch the video online here.
The video is based on the policy brief "Small Steps to Big Change: Why Support for Local Latino Groups is Critical to LGBTQ Organizing," a collaboration with Hispanics in Philanthropy. The brief analyzes the advocacy effectiveness of LGBTQ campaigns with national repercussions since 2008. The brief found that despite the lack of philanthropic support for Latino LGBTQ groups and initiatives, LGBTQ campaigns were 35% more successful when they engaged Latino LGBTQ and Latino communities. "There is growing evidence that Latinos support for LGBTQ rights has grown significantly over the last decade," says Frances Negrón-Muntaner, lead researcher and director of the video. "But what we found is that this support may be pivotal. In many contexts, it can spell the difference between success and failure."
In response to these findings, the study recommends increased support to U.S. Latino LGBTQ and Latino grassroots organizations and stronger strategic communications that raise awareness of LGBTQ issues in Latino communities.