Sponsor Highlight: CPB


The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is devoted to supporting NALIP programs and initiatives that provide emerging content creators with a wealth of opportunities to make their ideas acknowledged and their voices heard. Together we are addressing the need for diversity in public media and advancing the projects of talented Latino creatives.

“CPB strives to support diverse programs and services that inform, educate, enlighten and enrich the public.  Through grants, CPB encourages the development of content that addresses the needs of underserved audiences, especially children and minorities. CPB also funds multiple digital platforms used by thousands of public media producers and production companies throughout the country.”

Check out CPB HERE

A Special Thank You to all of our Sponsors

NALIP sincerely thanks all of our generous sponsors for their continual support. Our organization continues to succeed in advancing Latino content creators, their careers and projects while connecting industry leaders with their talent. The NALIP Media Summit and all NALIP programs would not be possible without our sponsors' support.

If you have questions regarding your sponsorship or would like to know how you can support NALIP, please email Karla, NALIP’s Outreach Coordinator, at Karla@nalip.org

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