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    2017 Latino Media Market Summit Registration Fee

    2017 NALIP Media Summit (NMS) Discounted Registration Rate for LMM Applicants ONLY


    • Early 2016 NALIP Media Summit Registration, honored until Wednesday, June 21, 2017
    • Discounted rate is for current NALIP members at the Media Maker, Media Maker Pro or Media Maker Executive level who applied to the Latino Media Market by Friday March 17, 2017
    • Membership will be verified
    • This Discounted Registration rate gives you access to the NALIP Media Summit panels and workshops
    • EXCLUDES Latino Media Awards Gala ticket (sold separately)
    • EXCLUDES Friday & Saturday Keynotes
    • This Discounted Registration rate is available for NALIP members only who are applied to the 2017 LMM
    • If you take advantage of the Discounted Registration rate and are not a current NALIP member and/or you did not apply to the 2017 LMM, then you will be charged the full amount 
    • Discounted Registration rate is only available for current NALIP members and LMM applicants who will attend the 2017 NALIP Media Summit, so please make sure that you did in fact apply to the LMM and that you will be in Los Angeles from June 23-26, 2016
    • Non-Refundable
    • Non-Transferrable
    • Please note: This purchase excludes Latino Media Awards Gala AND the Friday & Saturday Keynote Luncheons

    Latino Media Market (LMM) Application Fee for Non-Members:


    • LMM Application fee
    • Includes NALIP 6 Month Membership at Media Maker level, begins day of processing
    • NALIP 6 Month Membership recipient must be the LMM applicant and fee payee
    • LMM Registration $50 fee will not go credited towards NMS registration rate/pass
    • Non-Refundable


    Latino Media Market (LMM) Application Fee for NALIP Members:


    • LMM Application fee is waived for current NALIP members. Must have been a member prior to January 5, 2017 to have fee waived
    • Current membership must be at the Media Maker, Media Maker Pro, or Media Maker Executive levels
    • Membership will be verified
    • If you apply for the LMM and are not a current paid member, then your application will be revoked
    • To verify your membership, email lmm@nalip.org